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What’s new in Virginia

CGOVAA served lunch @ Bailey Cross Road Homeless Shelter on SAT 2/24/2018    Last Saturday 2/24/2018 6 members of Charity Group of Virginia Affection (CGOVAA) had successfully served lunch to more than 60 tenants of Bailey Cross Road Homeless Shelter TO CELEBRATE LUNAR NEW YEAR 2018- YEAR of the DOG.

Every one enjoyed the delicious food :

Egg Rolls, Fried Rice, Fried Chicken, BBQ Chicken, Smoked Ham and a big variety of dessert with Almond Cookies, Valentine York Peppermint Chocolate, Clementine, Water Melon, Bananas...

They also like the "Good luck Money in Red envelope- LI XI" that CGOVAA gives out every year as a "symbol of Affection & Good Luck" to wish every body Good Health & Good Luck.

Our SINCERE THANKS to Kim Chi, Minh Thu, Kim, Thuy Ai, Kim Khanh, Cuong, Huyen for their GREAT & LASTING SUPPORT .

Without your generous contributions of time, food and help we could not complete this big charitable action of "Caring & Sharing with Affection" on Saturday

5 pictures for you from Charity Group of VA Affection serving lunch 02/24/2018


Dinner of Affection with Giving Thanks 11/11/2012

Thank you for your presence at the “Dinner of Affection with Giving Thanks 11/11/2012”and your caring, generous contribution to the Charity Group of Virginia Affection.

Your donation: $25,950.99 will be given as scholarships to support 65 poor students of Quang Nam, Vinh Long, Huê, Nha Trang, VietNam. It‘s also given to disabled former military officiers of Republic of Vietnam in Huê, NhaTrang, and QuangNam

It’s used to send as TET 2013 gifts: bags of rice, blankets, and new clothes to the poor villagers in Son Phong, Hoi an; and to support disabled Children in HoiAn, ĐàNăng, Daklak, Vietnam.

It‘s sent to the orphans of Bong Lai Pagoda, Ba ria Vung Tau, Sao Mai and Tong Phuoc Phuc‘s orphanages, Nha Trang, “Thieu nang school” Dalat Vietnam. It‘s used to provide food to the poor lonely seniors in QuangNam, Vinh Long, Tay Ninh, South of Vietnam.

In the United States, it ‘s used to serve lunch at the Bailey’s Crossroads Community Shelter in Falls Church, Virginia to celebrate Thanks Giving and the Lunar New Year 2013.It’s sent to the Child Medical Connection INC in Boston, MA to help 05 disabled children who are in the care of Mr. Bodanza. It’s also sent to BPSOS- CAMSA (VA) to support victims of disaster such as floods, storms, earthquakes, tsunamis and SANDY Storm in USA., of the human trafficking in Malaya, Laos, and Kampuchia.It’s used to support the American Vietnamese Youth‘s activities in Virginia, Maryland like VYEA, MAUVSA, VNMAP, APACAF Boy scouts, STEM…

Your contribution has brought some Joy and Love to the needy ones in Vietnam and USA. It is tax deductible; please keep this letter as proof of your donations for year-end IRS tax purpose.

Sincere appreciations,


President of The Charity Group of VA Affection Inc.



Dinner of Affection with Giving Thanks Harvest Moon Restaurant